Sarcos Robotics Guardian GT

The Guardian GT’S 7-Foot-Long Arms Make It The Most Bonkers Robot On Earth

LIKE WITH JETPACKS and flying cars, the Power Loader from Aliens is a robot we’ve been promised for a long time. That’d be the exoskeleton that Sigourney Weaver donned to beat the tar out of the movie’s eponymous alien Queen, of course. Jetpacks are kinda here, flying cars … almost, and now a real-life Power Loader has finally arrived, and it’s[…]

Sarcos CEO Ben Wolff argues that highly mobile, dexterous robotic systems that rely on human intelligence to operate will transform industry and disaster response.

Why Human-Controlled, Force-Multiplying Robots Are the Future of Work on Earth

When most people think of robots, they picture an R2-D2-like droid, providing critical information to assist humans and courageously rescuing them from dangerous situations. While we are, in my view, decades away from having robots that can function like a “Star Wars” character due to the limitations of artificial intelligence, a new class of robots[…]