Helium sensor with hand

Case Study: Helium

The Challenge

Help Internet of Things (IoT) Startup Launch Publicly Through Sustained Analyst and Media Relation Programs.

The Solution

Any technology enthusiast has undoubtedly heard about IoT, and the promise it holds for consumers, businesses and developers. The more we connect to the Internet, the more data and input we have from the physical things in our environment. In late 2015, IoT start up Helium was preparing for its public launch with the goal of differentiating its end-to-end platform targeted at vertical industries like healthcare, food and beverage and insurance from other IoT solutions on the market. The Company also needed to drive positive headlines and press coverage in business and technology outlets to establish itself as a legitimate IoT solution provider. ZM Communications created and executed a press and analyst engagement strategy that included a series of Helium-led events, embargoed press and analyst briefings and demos for its coming out, as well as an ongoing media and analyst relations program to sustain coverage cycles beyond its launch.

The Results

ZM Communications’ launch of Helium in late 2015 produced more than 200 pieces of coverage across top-tier business, tech and trade media outlets, followed by ongoing communications support, including Series B funding and product introductions in Spring 2016. Executing tours in New York City and San Francisco to meet with media and analyst influencers, company executives also conducted pre-briefings with key journalists and analysts from Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Re/Code, Fortune, Forbes, ZDNet, VDC Research and others.