SALT—a new, innovative, safe firearm alternative

Case Study: SALT

The Challenge

Launch SALT — a new, innovative, safe firearm alternative—to the U.S. consumer in the midst of multiple mass shootings and terrorist threats.

The Solution

Gun control and safety might possibly be the most emotional and divisive issue Americans have had to grapple with over the past several years. An onslaught of school and mass shootings has brought gun control laws, legislation and reform to the forefront of our news cycle. Chicago-based startup, SALT, approached ZM Communications for a strategic communications plan that would successfully launch their safe firearm alternative into the U.S. marketplace, with the sole mission of protecting the people you love through self-defense that does not have to take a life in order to protect a life.

In addition to planning a new product launch for SALT, ZM Communications also had to prepare a crisis communications plan, knowing that we would be entering into one of the hottest topics of conversation with incredibly polarizing views. While the Company and its executives wants to be positioned as the “middle ground” in the raging gun safety debate, we needed to be prepared for both sides of the argument to attack SALT.

The Results

ZM launched SALT into the marketplace in late 2015 to unprecedented media coverage. First, we secured an exclusive story on, and then had to conduct crisis management when crowd-funding site IndieGoGo shut down the SALT page after they raised nearly $30,000 in the first 24 hours of launching. The site claimed SALT violated its weapons’ rules and regulations, and, as a result, the ZM team secured a follow up story on regarding the controversy with IndieGoGo. ZM helped placed close to 40 unique feature articles on SALT and its new product across top tier technology, business and lifestyle outlets, reaching more than 140,000,000 readers in North America, and helping SALT to relaunch its website and meet its fundraising goals.