Sarcos CEO Ben Wolff argues that highly mobile, dexterous robotic systems that rely on human intelligence to operate will transform industry and disaster response.

Why Human-Controlled, Force-Multiplying Robots Are the Future of Work on Earth

When most people think of robots, they picture an R2-D2-like droid, providing critical information to assist humans and courageously rescuing them from dangerous situations. While we are, in my view, decades away from having robots that can function like a “Star Wars” character due to the limitations of artificial intelligence, a new class of robots[…]

TV Advertising Makes a Resurgence Through OTT

TV Advertising Makes a Resurgence Through OTT

And this time, it’s personal, as content gets tailored for viewers

As our beloved TV programming returns this fall, all across America people will gather to take in their long-awaited show or root on their favorite team. This was true five years ago, 10 years ago and 20 years ago — but something is very different. Cord-cutting is going mainstream, with more and more consumers opting[…]

Fox is making it easier for people to watch fewer ads

Fox is letting people watch fewer ads on TV using a trick adapted from the Internet

Fox and video-tech company Innovid are bringing a new ad product to TV that is designed to let people watch fewer ads. The plan is to help people used to binging shows on streaming services have more control of their ad experiences. For advertisers, it’s a chance to give people the choice to engage with[…]

Tal Chalozin - CTO and Co-Founder, Innovid

Setting The Record Straight On OTT

Ad buyers are fusing together traditional TV buying teams with digital buying teams to create video teams to address the explosiveness in over-the-top (OTT) advertising. This approach underscores the challenge the industry faces as it tries to make sense of OTT. With more than roughly 52% of the US population being connected-TV users, it is now[…]

TCL’s new X1 is the latest 4K TV to show off the power of Dolby Vision HDR

Universal and MGM are also along for the ride

CES 2016 is shaping up to be the year of HDR, and one of the most vocal proponents behind high dynamic range imagery has announced a pair of new content partners and a new line of televisions from TCL to help move the ball forward. Dolby has announced that this year both Universal Pictures and[…]