Sarcos CEO Ben Wolff argues that highly mobile, dexterous robotic systems that rely on human intelligence to operate will transform industry and disaster response.

Using this robot gives you monstrously powerful mech arms

What has two seven-foot arms and can bench press 1,000 lbs of radioactive waste? This guy: the Guardian GT. It’s the creation of robotics company Sarcos, and is, frankly, one of the best bots we’ve seen so far in 2017. It’s been under development for years but is now available for customers to order for an[…]

TCL’s new X1 is the latest 4K TV to show off the power of Dolby Vision HDR

Universal and MGM are also along for the ride

CES 2016 is shaping up to be the year of HDR, and one of the most vocal proponents behind high dynamic range imagery has announced a pair of new content partners and a new line of televisions from TCL to help move the ball forward. Dolby has announced that this year both Universal Pictures and[…]